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Why become an AWL Photographer?

Join the best

To be an AWL Photographer is an accolade, a badge of recognition that a photographer is one of a tightly selected group of highly accomplished photographers operating at the very forefront of their genre, be that travel, landscape, architecture, interiors, wildlife, food or lifestyle photography.

It is not easy to become an AWL Photographer - and nor should it be. The application process is a significant hurdle and only photographers who add something to the AWL collection are offered contracts. Every AWL Photographer should feel proud to have their images stand alongside the images of every other AWL Photographer.

Be part of a World-leading Brand

AWL Images is a world-leading brand of premium quality travel images. Founded by experienced stock photographers, AWL is a community of many of the world’s most accomplished travel, landscape, wildlife, architecture, and lifestyle photographers.

We put our contributors at the heart of everything that we do. We seek the best prices for our contributor’s images. We work closely with our photographers offering expert advice and guidance based on many years’ experience licensing images to leading brands and publishers. Every photographer has a direct relationship with one of our Directors who are also the picture editors.

AWL Images is renowned for having the best images. Many clients come to us for their brand advertising, front covers and “hero shots”. These are the licenses that command the best prices in this extremely competitive market.

The AWL Photographers’ USP

AWL Photographers go the extra mile. We add value to our images by our creativity, effort and technical skill. We get up earlier, travel further and work harder as we create beautiful, distinctive images.

Our images are fresh, dynamic and captivating. They are crafted to grab the attention of the viewer and make our clients’ projects stand out from the competition.

Your Reward

Our photographers receive 50% of the license fee paid to AWL Images. This is remitted quarterly by electronic transfer.

The Technical Stuff

Image quality is critical to achieving good sales. Many of our clients reproduce images in high quality publications and large formats and are very particular about technical requirements. Therefore, we require images produced on professional DSLR cameras at a minimum 18mp.

Photographer’s Testimonials

Michele Falzone

In a market where people are often treated like numbers, finding an agency managed by competent and friendly people, always helpful and willing to provide technical/travel suggestions to their photographers and treating them fairly when it comes to royalties split, is a rarity.

Alan Copson

I have been with AWL since its inception and really value our close working relationship. They're always happy to discuss my upcoming projects or suggest subjects on which they would like fresh material. Of course, it's always exciting to see so many prominent uses of my images, with guidebook covers being the most gratifying

Nigel Pavitt

Over the many years I have contributed to AWL images, I have found them very efficient and pro-active selling into new markets.  I admire their insistence on quality above all else.  Living overseas, their personal touch is also important to me.

Marco Bottigelli

Working with AWL Images assures me that my images are placed in the market at a fair value, and their commitment to direct sales optimises the royalties split. AWL have licenced my images for covers of many premium publications worldwide which has been a push for my career as a reputable travel photographer and leader of international photo workshops

Stefano Markovina

As a recognized leading photo agency specialized in travel images, AWL Images gave me the precious opportunity to license my images across the world through a wide range of renowned travel publications. Personally, what I appreciate most about AWL Images is their ability in choosing international high profile clients and their professionalism in the photographer-company relationship that is often lacking in many other photo agencies. As AWL Images contributing photographer, I always felt constantly supported by the agency

How do I join?

To apply to join AWL Images please send us a link to a gallery on your website, or a website where you display your images, that reflects your best work. If we think that your images fit our clients’ requirements we will ask you to send us an initial low-res Submission of at least 500 images. To offer you a contract, we are looking for a minimum of 200-300 selected images.

For more information see ‘Submissions’.