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Before applying to become a contributor to AWL Images please read the page "Why become an AWL Photographer?".

When applying to join AWL Images please tell us a bit about yourself and your background in photography:

  1. How long you have been a photographer and what kind of photography you have been involved in?
  2. What range (type, style, subject, geographical locations) and quantity of stock images are available to us from your existing collection?
  3. What agencies are you currently marketing your stock images through (or plan to in the near future)?
  4. What camera equipment do you currently shoot with?
  5. What cameras have you used for the images you wish to submit to us?

Please include a link to a gallery on your website, or a website where you display your images, that reflects your best work. If we think that your images fit our clients’ requirements we will ask you to send us an initial low-res Submission of at least 500 jpeg images. To offer you a contract, we are looking for at least 200-300 accepted images as a minimum with the expectation of future submissions.

  1. We do not accept transparencies or files scanned from transparencies.
  2. In most cases we require worldwide exclusivity on the images that you submit to AWL Images.
  3. We are looking for the very best in travel, wildlife, landscape and architectural photography.
  4. We work with the very best photographers and our admission process is selective. In return we offer a close working relationship that you will not find with the large stock agencies.
  5. We do not accept images shot on phones, low-end cameras or any cameras with less than 18mp sensors.
  6. For images shot from drones, please talk to us in advance to discuss quality of cameras.

If we offer you a contract we will then send you our Digital Submission Guidelines with the full technical requirements for the submission of hi-res images and their metadata.

If you wish to apply to join AWL Images as a contributor, and have read the instructions above, please send an email to: