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Help Centre

  • Searching for images
    1. To start your search enter a search term or terms into the search box at the top of the page or in the boxes in the advanced search panel on the left of your screen.
    2. You can filter your search by a number of options, available on the main search bar as well as the advanced search panel on the left. You can multi-select options if you wish, for example ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Panoramic’.
    3. Further options are available on the advanced search panel - the ‘Added Within’ drop down menu offers various options to filter your search by images uploaded to the website in the past week, month, year etc. Or use the ‘Year’ Uploaded text box. For example, for images uploaded since 2010 enter ‘2010-‘, for images uploaded in 2012 and 2013 enter ‘2012-2013’ Once you have selected the filters you wish to use click ‘Apply above filters’
    4. Any filters you have active will display above the thumbnail, and here you can remove individual filters or click ‘Clear All Filters’ to remove them all at once.
    5. You can also change the layout of your search results - choose from 20, 60, 80 or 100 results per page, small thumbnails, large thumbnails or flow (cascading grid) view. When selecting small thumbnails, if you tick ‘Previews’ you’ll see a larger thumbnail when you hover the mouse over the thumbnail.
    6. Under each thumbnail are 3 icons; download comp image (for clients who are logged in), add to order, and add to lightbox. Mouse over the icons to view a brief description of their function.
    7. To navigate through the search results pages use the arrows at the top right of your window, or enter a page number.
  • Ordering and downloading images
    1. To download a hi-res image you need to be logged into your account on AWL, then you can add the image into an order using the shopping basket icon under each thumbnail or click ‘add to order’ on the image preview page –see Image Preview page below (if you have direct download access use the ‘Hi-Res Download’ button on the image preview page)
    2. You can add numerous images into an order, up to 50 at a time, and the number of images in your order will appear at the top right of your screen. Click on order to see your order/shopping cart.
    3. You can also view a preview of your order/shopping cart by clicking ‘order’ at the bottom of the window. To then see the order/shopping cart click ‘Full Screen’
    4. You also have the option to add multiple images – see next screenshot
    1. If you click ‘Add to Order’ in the toolbar of the image search results a window will appear where you can add images from your search results page to an order. You can click ‘select all’, or click ‘select none’ and individually click on images to select them.
    2. Once you’ve selected the images you wish to add to your order click the ‘Add files to order’ button.
    3. If you want to load the order page straight away then tick the ‘show order after adding files’ tick box.

    Ordering Images – shopping basket/cart page

    In the shopping basket/cart all your images that you’ve added to your order will be shown.

    1. If you want to remove any images select the images by using the tick box at the top left corner of each thumbnail to select them and then click ’Remove Selected Files’ You can remove all the files using the button ‘Remove all files’ or go to a previous order by clicking ‘Previous Order’
    2. You can also remove files individually by clicking the ‘-‘ at the bottom right of each image
    3. You’ll then need to enter details of image use (NB some clients will not see this section and are not required to fill in these details). The mandatory field is the Project description/Type of Use text box, but the more information you can supply the better.
    4. If your subsequent images have the same use as the first then click ‘Copy details to all other files’ to copy the information you’ve entered into the first image to all the others.
    5. Once complete click ‘Complete Order’ and tick (and read!) the Terms & Conditions box to proceed to the hi-res download page.

    Ordering Images – Download Page

    1. After clicking ‘Complete order’ on the shopping basket/cart page the download page will load. You can then choose to download all the images as one single zip file – the first option downloads the highest resolution images. The system will then open a progress window as it gathers the files and once complete the download button will appear. For orders with 20 or more images the system will gather the files and create a link which will be emailed to you when ready – the dialogue box will ask you to enter your email address
    2. .
    3. If you want to download lower resolution images (1500px longest side) click the 2nd button -
    4. You can also download images one by one and choose from 3 sizes – shown next to each thumbnail in your order.
    5. Then choose to download the file directly or select ‘E-mail file’ to have the image emailed to you. Just enter your email in the pop-up window. Note the max file size for this option is 5mb
  • Image preview page

    Image preview pages are accessed by clicking on a thumbnail

    1. Under the preview image you will see a range of options, including ‘Add to Lightbox’ (see Lightboxes in the menu below) ‘Add to Order’ (you can add multiple images to an order for downloading hi-res images), ‘Comping Image’ (where you can download a 1024px comping image, unwatermarked for approved clients) and ‘E-mail’ (you can email a link to this page)
    2. If you’re interested in licensing an image and wish to know the price click on ‘Get a Quote’
    3. For approved clients you can download the hi-res image directly from this window by clicking ‘ Hi Res Download’. If you don’t have this facility use the ‘Add to Order’ button under the preview image.
    4. On the right (or below) the preview image you’ll see information about the image. You can click on the photographer name, country and region to view other images by the same photographer or from the same region or country. There’s also information about the file’s availability (some images are available only in certain territories), about rights (Rights Managed or Royalty Free), releases available, and max file size.
    5. You can also find other images with keywords found in the image by clicking on one of the keywords. Alternatively drag one or more keywords to the box and start a search. You can create a new search, search within the previous results and choose to search for any of the keywords you’ve dragged to the box or only search images that have all the keywords.
  • Using lightboxes
    1. On toolbar on the left of the window you’ll find numerous options:
      New – create and name a new lightbox
      Rename – rename an existing lightbox
      Notes – write notes for your lightbox
      Collaborate - jointly edit a lightbox with another user (see instructions below)
      Messages - send a message to another user that you have collaborated with
      More Tools - allows you to delete, empty or rearrange the order of a lightbox
      Copy - copy or move files between lightboxes
      Find – search for a lightbox
    2. Under lightboxes you will see your list of lightboxes – click on any one of them to open/empty/delete or rearrange the files within them. Use the dropdown menu to change the sort order.
    3. On the top toolbar you can email the lightbox to anyone you wish, click Add to Order to open a window where you can select or multi select images to add to an order, or click Download Previews to download ALL the watermarked preview images in the lightbox
    4. You can individually delete images from the lightbox by clicking the icon under each thumbnail
    5. You can add notes to each image using the speech bubble icon

Download Help file PDF here