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Contributor Enquiries

Our Philosophy

AWL Images is a premium brand of travel images. Our aim is to offer our clients the very best images available anywhere in the market on a platform that shows the images to their best advantage that is quick and easy to use. We edit our collections tightly so that researchers instantly find stunning images.

Our Contributing photographers

We are fortunate to represent the images of many of the World’s leading Travel Photographers. Each one brings a personal photographic skill-set and approach that adds a unique element to our collection. Many of our photographers specialise in particular subjects or geographical regions. We intentionally take on relatively few new photographers to enable us to dedicate considerable time and energy to developing close working relationships with our contributing photographers. We suggest ideas for shoots, discuss forthcoming projects with our photographers and on occasion story-board shoots to help our photographers shoot images that sell to the best clients. We provide feedback on where the industry is going, client requirements, trends in travel photography; we suggest in-demand locations and work with photographers to develop their style and to help them shoot consistently sellable images.

What we need

The world is awash with imagery, particularly travel imagery, so to be successful we have to add value to our images, be creative in our approach and provide a fresh take on portraying the world around us. Regardless of subject, our images need to be the best. In particular, we are very keen to receive more high quality travel lifestyle imagery from our contributors that shows not only the world as it is but what it is like to experience being in a location or taking part in an activity.

How we work

In order that we can rights manage images correctly and issue exclusive licenses where appropriate, we require exclusive rights to the images that are placed with us. That is of course, just the images that we represent - a photographer is totally free to put other images with other agencies so long as they are not similars/sisters to images accepted by AWL Images. We syndicate our contributor’s images using our comprehensive agency network, including Getty and Corbis, to reach the world’s major markets. We have spent a lot of time identifying and building relationships with these agents who we believe are best placed to sell our images in specific territories and to specific market sectors. So, images that we represent are sold not only through but through another 25+ outlets.

To become a Contributor

If you would like to become a contributor to AWL Images please email us with a link to a gallery of your images to illustrate the style, quality and breadth of your images, ideally including images that you are able to submit to AWL Images. Please also provide us with the following information:

  1. An idea of how long you have been a photographer and what kind of photography you have been involved in?
  2. What range (type, style, subject, geographical locations) and quantity of stock images are available to us from your existing collection?
  3. What agencies are you currently marketing your stock images through (or plan to in the near future)?
  4. What camera equipment do you shoot with now?
  5. What cameras/scanners have you used for the images you wish to submit to us?

We accept digital images from high end digital cameras (e.g Fuji XE-1, X-Pro, Sony A7R, Leica M8/M9, Canon 5d MK2/3, 1Ds Mk2/3, Nikon D3, D3x, D4, D700, or medium format digital cameras). We only accept scans where the subject matter is of sufficient interest and is not readily available shot on a digital camera. When we do accept scans, we only accept original files scanned on an Imacon or drum scanner. If your gallery of images fits the type of images that we are looking for, we will then send you a copy of our Digital Submission Guidelines and ask you to send us an initial submission of images for assessment.