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Mauricio Abreu

Living in Portugal, Mauricio Abreu has been a professional photographer for thirty seven years. He principally photographs landscape and culture heritage. Portraiture is also one of his passions. Throughout his career, he has built up a huge and detailed collection of images of Portugal. When he is not in his studio, Mauricio can be found wandering the wild places and beautiful cities of Portugal, or the ancient cities of the Silk Road, producing images that document the culture of these places and their relationship with nature and environmental surroundings.

He has published and co-ordinated a collection of photographic books about various regions of Portugal, accompanied by texts written by several Portuguese writers. Several of his 29 books have been published by major Portuguese publishing houses. In 1997 he was honoured with the Honour Medal of Culture by Setubal City Council. He won the First (Gold) and Third (Bronze) prizes - Pictorial Category - in the European Professional Photographer of the 2009 Year Awards. He was elected Qualified European Photographer in Landscape Photography by the Federation of European Professional Photographers Associations in Belgium.

Location Portugal

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