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David Bank

David grew up in West-Berlin during the cold war in the 80ies. He studied architecture in the German capital and started to develop a good eye for landscapes and the built environment. Internships and work abroad took him to France, Brazil and the US. After working in Berlin, David moved to London in 2005 to pursue his career as an architect and photographer where he documented the face of this ever changing city and his inhabitants. He had an exhibition of his work in 2012 and contributed to a photo exhibition in Beijing in the same year. Extended travelling took him to Mexico, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. In 2018 David returned to his hometown of Berlin. He specialises in cityscapes and architectural photography with a focus on the so called “Blue Hour” to compose his bold and lively images of World Cities at dusk. His trademark is the always straight verticals of the buildings he photographs. Among David’s clients are some of London’s major architectural offices, SMBC Nikko Bank, Overbury, Mitsui Trust, HannSpree, Samsung, image libraries and various private people who commissioned him for wedding photography.

Location Germany

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